Village of Quogue


Mission Statement

The Mission of the not-for-profit Quogue Association is to foster the general welfare of the Village of Quogue and preserve its character as a desirable and attractive residential community, to support organizations that strengthen the quality of life in the Village and to acknowledge the accomplishments of individuals and groups whose actions have contributed to the welfare of the community.

The Quogue Association has worked with a local graphic artist to come up with a fun flag that we think depicts many of the items that makes Quogue special. The flag focuses on the farmlands, meeting the sand, and eventually meeting the ocean. The colors represent the lush green trees and landscaping, beautiful beaches and the sea, and the Q as the sun and seagull creating an open feeling of ambience the Village represents. This flag is not to be confused with the official flag of Quogue, it is simply a fun, social flag.


If you would like to purchase a 2x 3 flag for $60 please indicate so on the membership card and include the additional amount. The flag will also be available at all Quogue Association events.

Upcoming Events

Aug 18 at
6:00 AM
Village Beach Party
Sep 09 at
10:00 AM
State of the Town with Jay Schneiderman

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